Friday, March 3, 2017

The Days Are Just Packed

On a whim, I logged into my old blog. Sitting there in a draft was an entry from exactly one year ago. It had these three pictures in it without any words attached.  I tried to pick up my blog and didn't have a chance to follow through.  I am not surprised.  The world just keeps spinning faster.  We have another two year old in the house.  The last one I wrote about is five years old now.  See that time jump? Well before another year slips by, I am going to post this entry, even with it's old pictures.  Happy March 3rd! There must be something about this day of the year that makes me wonder about this old blog.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Two / Two and "Twice the Much"

I cut the cake carefully to preserve his big googly eyes. She ate his cookie, "OMM, nom, nom, nom!"

Today is our sweet Zibby's 2nd birthday. As I alluded to in a previous post- this great personage in a small body has brought light into our lives just when things seemed too dark. As she has continued to grow from a baby into a toddler she has taught us that she is indeed a force to be reckoned with. 

Zibs has more preferences, opinions, strength, tenacity, energy, and focus at her young age than any of her siblings at the same age. She is just more of everything and "twice-the-much," a term coined by Bubba while trying to explain a comparison like "twice as much." The term caught on in our house vernacular because it so aptly describes many things. It's also a connection to her sister, Boo, who we described as having, "much muchness." So if you can imagine "twice-the-much-muchness," then you're getting a good picture of our Zibs.

Oh, chickens, you better watch out!

This girl will drag a heavy two-step wooden stool across two rooms to reach something she has spied. She will not forget her last thought at night, i.e., where her tutu is, and will wake up and immediately seize it or ask for it if I thought I would be clever and wash it. She will engage total strangers by getting their attention and then scowling and making a sort of mad monkey face and unfriendly sound at them.  She also dares grocery clerks to try and scan the item she is withholding from the cart before she screams. She's the cute baby that pushes, pinches, stomps and shoves your sweet baby and then comforts your baby with gentle patting or hugs. She's also quite capable on a weekly basis of dirtying a diaper precisely the moment after all the trash has been taken to the curb for collection. 

She may be a natural at physical comedy...

Her ability to find trouble and danger accelerates as she grows tired. She climbs higher, throws harder, and gets louder the closer it is to bedtime. And she'll also surprise you, like last night, when we were brushing her teeth and she said she needed to go potty. I thought, "whatever, another empty exercise, but at least we need to change a diaper anyway." Some time later after many inquiries on my part from another room (because really, who likes to be stared at?), and many replies of, "I am still busy," she emerged victorious having actually done something worth flushing. We're not toilet training, because if it was my idea, she wouldn't do it. Real story.

If it is twirly, then it is usually approved attire.

She loves singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" complete with hand motions and loves the book, "Happy Hippo, Angry Duck" and enacting all the emotions. She's afraid of monsters, except Cookie Monster.  She loves playing "Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum, I smell a gingerbread baby, come dearie, come!" If you miss toes on one foot, she'll make sure you come back to nibble them. She loves pretending to sleep in the car seat while uttering, "honk-shoo, honk-shoo." She tells you she loves you in the most sincere way and has such a great ability to lump onto your shoulder and just cuddle. She gets upset when grandparents leave, and so very, very excited when Daddy comes in the back door. We are so blessed and sometimes caught off guard by her. Anyway, here come the twos, ready or not!