Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ignoring my garden.

0629001959.jpg, originally uploaded by lichen lady.

In the rush to finish a project for my sister's wedding, I forgot to tend my garden boxes. We picked a few peas, (I should say the kids picked some) for dinner a couple of times. I knew there were more peas, but I just didn't know how many more were waiting. Tonight I put Boo on my back in the Ergo and picked away. The snow peas barely fit in the basket and the snap peas were hefty as well. Yum! I love plants that thrive on my neglect.
While I don't have a literal picture to prove it, I want to say that my/ our chickens (and, ahem, one rooster) seem like the happiest fowl alive. They are ranging the side yard, under the bushes, in the ground cover and on the grass. Fairy Girl is a self designated chicken shepherdess, leading them to greener pastures (patches) and away from the rhubarb plant. I heard sudden grief from the window and ran out to discover that Huckleberry had swallowed Fairy Girl's hair elastic. So far nothing has come of the incident. I hope nothing does. We have since scoured the side yard for shiny chicken temptations and hope that mitigates any potential risks. The sun has shined for 7 days straight and it really feels like summer! How did the 4th of July sneak up on me again? It's time to do some decorating and to plant the next crop and do it while the sound of the neighbor's oscillating sprinkler lulls me into perfect summer oblivion. Ahhhh. So nice!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Tooth Fairy Still Comes!

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This is a secret, don't let Fairy Girl know I posted this. Her sweet little notes and her handstitched gifts for the Tooth Fairy are so precious. I know she has more teeth to lose than her belief in fairies will last and so I just wanted to capture what innocence and gratefulness she had at 7years and 3 months old. Not pictured here are the coat and bag she made for all the fairy accessories to fit inside. I argued that perhaps that was too much for a fairy to fly off with, but she replied, "Mom, I made a bag for all of it so it would be easy." It is so easy! You just have to believe in possibility...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Home is Where Your Heart is!

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I came home last evening to view this out our bedroom window. With all that can burden us through the day, it's nice to know that being together is still the most important thing to my husband.