Monday, December 13, 2010

Traditions continued...

After our Friday experience, we then planned a trip Saturday afternoon to the Manito Conservatory. We visit the Christmas lights display almost every year.  I thought this year would be really fun because Boo was at an age to appreciate it. I forgot my camera, however, and Boo slept through the entire exhibit. We do our best and life happens. I still always like to see the flowering jade plant that must be a century old.

On Sunday the plan was to make and decorate cookies that we would deliver to grandparents for Saint Lucia day the next morning.  My mom beat me to it and brought over 5 dozen cookies to decorate.  The kids had fun eating their creations and racking up a sugar dosage in two hours that they normally don't see in a month. Okay, not just the kids- that canned frosting is addictive.  When I read the can's ingredients  I couldn't help but toss the leftovers away right then and there. I stayed up and made gingerbread scones to deliver in the morning because I didn't see the grandmas wanting there own cookies given back. I couldn't find powdered saffron at the last minute to make St. Lucia buns, so I just went with the traditional gingerbread theme.

So this morning, Monday, I got up early (for me it was early, but there seemed to be plenty of people out and about by the time we left the house) and woke the kids. They dressed in their white gowns and put on their respective head-wear while I bagged up the scones and we were off to see the grandmas. Baby Dragon kept asking me if it was really morning when it was so dark outside. He then asked if I would sew a matching gown for his doll. All this chatter happened before we left the driveway and I was just trying to escape before Boo woke up again and missed her morning snack. We made it to Great-grandma's place and she was already up. Then we went to Grandma's house and she was already up. Finally, we made it to Nana's and Papa's house and woke somebody up. Saint Lucia Day tradition is waking up family members with coffee and special pastries while singing. We haven't learned the "real" song yet, so we just sing our favorite good morning songs. The kids were greeted with hugs, dog kisses, and hot cocoa.  I think they like it.  A lot.

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