Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby Dragon turns five!

So Bubba, or Baby Dragon turned five today, or actually about an hour ago.  I realized as I sat down to blog about his birthday that it was about the time he was born.  I had some pictures to add to this blog, but it's been so long since I have used photoshop that I had to call in help, and well, that's how time evaporates when using the computer.

So back to BD. He had a pretty good day.  Calls from family wishing him happy birthday slowly trickled in throughout the day and he got to have a long awaited playdate with a kindred spirit (her artwork is below). Having to wait to open presents just about caused a meltdown a few times today and I should have known it would, after fielding, "how many days left," questions since my own birthday in January. Those questions were usually followed with, "so how many is that?"  I would explain it on toes and fingers, weeks and days, or whatever prop was handy.  We even made a count down calendar like an Advent calendar, but the questions persisted.  Time is just too abstract to young people.

Yesterday he got to pick a present out at the store.  He picked a Playmobil pontoon boat. He had to wait until this morning to open it.  It was sheer torture. Lately he is everything killer whale and pontoon plane (sea plane). He rescues ocean animals or delivers medicine to sick Orcas with his plane.  He so loves the Orca whales that he has even said that at night he becomes a baby orca, but by day he's still a baby dragon. I love his imagination.

For example, today when I asked what he wanted for lunch and offered a hard boiled egg, he hemmed and hawed and then said, "maybe two?" I said, "we only have one hard boiled egg."  He replied, "can't you check and see if the chickens have laid another hard boiled egg?"  I tired not to laugh and said, "no they don't lay them that way."  He replied, "just scrambled or fried?"  This from a kid who retrieves eggs, cracks them open when he helps me cook, but can still imagine them coming cooked straight out of the chicken!

Second example: we're running outside the dance studio while Fairy Girl does Irish dance lessons. He and another almost five year old and his younger sister are dashing here and there. His companion yells, "I am a horse."  I ask him what kind and he replies, "I am a brown horse."  I ask his sister and she replies, "pink."  I ask BD and he looks at me incredulously and replies, "I am a unicorn!"

Third example: still running outside but within the adjacent tennis courts. The courts are colored blue out of bounds and green inside the lines.  The kids have devised this as land, water and lava.  BD declares he is a Lava-T-Rex and can walk on lava without being harmed.  He rescues me from the burning river.  Good to have those Lava-T-Rexes around!

Okay before this gets too long, I have to include BD's birthday coupons from his big sis.  The illustrations are just too sweet!
"Good for 1 bedmaking" That's Baby Dragon in bed with his stuffed dragon.

"Good for picking clothes out 1 time" Baby Dragon hates getting dressed, so this is a real help (for mama too).

"Good for checking mail 1 time" BD loves to do this, but you never know when the fad will fade.
"Good for feeding beo 1 time"

"Good for hanging coat up 1 time" This is something very hard for baby dragons to remember.

Last but not least is this sweet birthday note from his friend.  They had a stuffed animal party.  She had a lot of monkeys to complement his dragons.  They all got along. Phew!

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  1. That's one dear baby dragon you have there...and I just love the illustrations on his birthday tickets from his sweet big sister. What a thoughtful gift! Annabelle really enjoyed getting to come over and play for his birthday. So did Jack and I. :)