Sunday, March 13, 2011

What did you do last week?

Somebody asked me this recently and I couldn't remember on the spot. How did time just blur into 7 days past and no memory? Then I finally remembered. Yes, that was it; I had totally immersed myself in garden planning and inspiration. Gardening books and magazines took over a corner of the living room, my bedside end table, the dining room table, the passenger side front seat of the jeep, and apparently even my actual sleeping space.

This energy eventually found a small release when we went shopping for seeds.  I found some seeds that epitomized each of the kids' personalities and interests.
  • For Fairy Girl: Botanical Interests Fairy Meadow Blend and also more sugar snap peas.
  • For Baby Dragon: broccoli, Dragon carrots (they're purple, so cool!), and by special order, heirloom Orca beans.  They are also known as Calypso beans or Yin and Yang beans because they are black and here to see- scroll down
  • For Boo: I think we might try blueberries this year and of course more cherry tomatoes.
  • For Mama: Purple tomatillos and peach colored calendula, plus lots and lots of different sunflowers.
It's still too early to start any seeds indoors, but the right time is getting closer.  I had heard that an old timer used to plant his peas on Saint Patrick's Day and I did that last year and had a bumper crop.  Depending on my other distractions, I will try that again.
I also have a birthday party to plan for next Saturday.  Hey, I have thought for a party activity- starting seeds!

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