Saturday, September 14, 2013

Out the Back Door

One of the many blessings about where we live is the woods in our back yard. Last weekend with my head pounding and needing rest, Fairy Girl got everyone dressed and ready for a nature walk. It had been rainy and the brush was wet so she put Zibs in puddle pants.  With baskets in hand, they marched out the back door keeping their eyes open for their nature collection. They were hoping to find some chestnuts, seed pods, and feathers. The squirrels had beat them at the chestnuts or they were looking too early, but they came home with baskets full of so much more.

 After laying out everything they had collected on the picnic table, they set about making plans for a gnome home. Moss and feathers and a hollowed out log from the side yard became play central.  The gnome home eventually got moved into a more natural setting nestled against an old rock wall. I think we have spoiled gnomes.

Huckleberry, our oldest and boldest chicken, scanned the nature goods for buggy treats, always keeping a sharp eye on anything novel in her habitat. It was a beautiful, late summer afternoon and I can't think of a better way for our kids to have "used" it. I am continually grateful for our home that allows our kids (and our chickens and ducks) such free ranging habits.

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