Friday, December 20, 2013

Late Fall Wrap Up

Today, the last day of Autumn, the first real snow has fallen and our company's plows are out in operation.
Just like that, I realize another season has flown by. I love fall so much and am always sad to let it go. Here are a few pictures to sum up October through now.

I love the low light in Fall.  The way it comes through our windows in the afternoon helps me see all the dust bunnies under the furniture!

For a brief time as the leaves change color, our dining room windows give us the feeling of living in an enchanted land.

As the weather gets cooler, the Lego playing warms up.

"Mom, play blocks with me?!" Then as I proceed to build, he needs every block I pick up for his creation.

After a walk in the backwoods, Fairy Girl discovers some mushrooms growing near Douglas Firs.

Ice Skating lessons last six weeks. Mom discovers that it is cold to sit and watch.
Walking through Riverfront Park on the way to skating lessons is a delight.

I love our river view on the way to lessons!

This is the best picture I could get of our lantern walk for Martinmas. This is an annual event with friends at Cannon Hill Park.

Walking on the old trails behind our house.

We chased turkeys out of the woods and kept this souvenir.

The view through the woods (looking East).

The leaves have all fallen off the maples and exposed the new beams for the future tree house.

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