Friday, March 19, 2010

Chicks at home!

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We have three new additions to the Keller family. Their names are Holly, Hazel and Huckleberry and by Fall will probably start laying some brown eggs! I woke the kids up early this morning to be down at Aslin Finch before opening because I was told the Araucana/Ameraucana chicks were first come, first serve and would be there today. Well I got there 15 minutes before opening and then found they had changed their hours- so I was there an hour later than I had planned to be. Oh, well. The parking lot wasn't crowded. We walked in and looked around and couldn't find the chicks. The Ameraucana chick shipment had been delayed. We couldn't go home empty handed, so we found these little gals- 2 golden sex links and 1 black sex link. But we are still holding out for a couple of green egg laying Ameraucanas in a week or so. Baby Dragon is very disappointed that boy chicks don't lay eggs and therefore we won't be having any boy chickens. . . at least we hope!

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