Monday, March 29, 2010

Words from little people.

This morning on my placemat I was presented with this short story written on three tiny pieces of paper by Fairy Girl:

Once there was a gnome who loved to play hide and seek. But he was sad. He needs friends that are new. The gnome was happy he had a new friend to play with. His friend’s name was Ella. Ella was a dragon. She was nice. And Ella had a brother and his name is Jack. The gnome’s sister and brother played with the dragons in the sun.

Baby Dragon said our breakfast prayer and in normal fashion it had nothing to do with the food and stayed true to his melancholic temperament:

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for today.

I pray that our chicks won’t die.

That things won’t get sad, or mad… or ha.. or cranky, or whiney, or fussy.

We just thank you for all these things,

In Jesus name, Amen

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