Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Morning Muffins

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During our 21 day "eat at home" experiment I did resort twice to boxed muffin mix. I have been rejected, sometimes painfully, when I have made muffins from scratch for the kids. They were always delicious I thought- real buttermilk muffins with this or that added for variety, but they would not eat more than one. If I made them out of a box, they ate them all day long. I purposely didn't read the ingredients because I was sure there was hydrogenated oil of some sort in them and I just wanted them to like my muffins...(pity party here). But I tried again this morning and I finally succeeded in making something they found worthy. Same basic buttermilk recipe, but I added lemon oil and poppyseeds, and viola- they licked the bowl and ate about 3 each already. Finally, just a little vindication. But it's still nagging me that I didn't sneak in some whole wheat pastry flour. I still call it progress, but ,"I will get you, my pretties!"

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