Saturday, February 6, 2010

Home Already

We've just moved into the house we hope our children grow up in- maybe they'll even get married in the yard. We have so many plans for the house and the slight acre it sits on. But we have already added our own history to it today as we buried our cat beneath the roots of a large ponderose pine.

She was there at the beginning. We had not quite been married a year when we took her in "on a trial basis". As newlyweds my husband didn't quite know how to say no. He told me he was allergic and I still chose the cat. It wasn't so bad, her dander not as irritating as some cats and she was really playful. A year later came the dog. One notch down for the cat. Three years after the dog came our first daughter. Another notch down for the cat. Three years more, our son came. Then three more years and another daughter. Poor cat, now four notches down, and sleeping outside curled up in the kitten dome. I just wish I could have slowed down more to hold her on my shoulder while she purred. For a 7 pound tabby, she had a great purr.

So now I look at the dog and think I should walk him, brush him, play with him, etc. I can't slow down the demands three kids have. I can't tell the mail to wait or the business bills to go away. I can't not cook and grocery shop and ignore the laundry. Honestly, I am already skimping on the showers. Yet if he could appreciate a cup of tea, I would gladly share mine with him. For now, I hope he knows my free arm scratches him under the collar when it can and would do so more if he'd just lean in a little bit while I nurse the baby.

Grendel we miss you already. Beowulf, I hope your life is long and happy.

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