Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter/Spring Nature Table/Mantle

I love these German inspired wooden rings. I have one for birthdays and one for Spring. The ones above are leaf shaped with three holes each for ornaments or candles. I ordered this one from A Toy Garden. The short peg in front is a card holder, but I can't find my seasonal cards since the move and I am really frustrated that I can't find the Spring Banner I handmade last year. It was special to me, so I probably put it somewhere "special" for the move and that means somewhere I can't find it! But alas, I am still happy for an early Spring.

I treasure this Spring painting by Fairy Girl right before she turned seven. Her composition captures so much about Spring- trees in the midst of leafing out, a fast changing sky, pale sunlight, and of course, violets blooming in the grass. I had to put our sheep family next to it as it seemed a natural place for them to rest and graze.

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