Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eggs and Bunnies.

Today my sister visited with my niece and we planned some watercoloring and some baking together. Baby Dragon true to form painted a black cave. Fairy Girl painted a blue sky and a flower under the sun. Day and night, those two!!

After some dress up, I finally got the bread dough mixed together and we set out to make loaves shaped like bunnies. It was more about the process than the results- but they were still awfully cute. When we baked them, some heads fell off, or raisin eyes popped out, or ears shifted, but they were all edible. I know this because OUR DOG ATE THEM when we left for dinner!

After my sister left, I felt a crafting momentum and I proceeded to blow out some green eggs I had been saving. I blew out 13 eggs and only 2 cracked! The health food store we get our eggs at is supplied locally by a farm that has a variety of chickens. The cartons we buy generally contain a smattering of white, brown and green eggs. For a while I have been putting the green ones aside so as to amass a decorative statement.

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